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By using the services of as a transport and/or freight forwarding agent, as well as those resulting from our online simulator for house moves or office moves, the user/customer declares to accept our General Clauses, which are an integral part of our commercial proposals and can be consulted using the links below:

General Transport Clauses (in Portuguese)

General Freight Forwarder Clauses (in Portuguese)

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If parking is regulated in front of the entrance of your home / destination address and is regulated by the EMEL, or another entity that regulates the parking and its transfer / transport of home and / or office implies the conditioning or the partial diversion of traffic, it must be requested To the Camara de Lisboa (or depending on the city in which it is located) the parking permit and the respective applications for permission to occupy the public space.

The Permit for parking and requests for authorization to occupy the public space that conditions or impedes the normal conditions of road and pedestrian movement on the public road in Lisbon are the responsibility of the Lisbon City Council.

The deadline for obtaining this authorization is 6 working days. Added 2 days for PSP bonus request.

The request for traffic conditioning is subject to the payment of fees, in accordance with the current Table of Rates.

 Applicable Law

Decreto-Lei nº 239/2003(click to open)
Legal status of the contract of national road transport of goods


Decreto-Lei nº 257/2007(click to open)
Changes in the rules governing access to activity and the system of organization of the market of goods by road

Decreto-Lei nº 137/2008(click to open)
Changes in vehicle licensing rules contained in Decree-Law No. 257/2007

Decreto-Lei nº 136/2009(click to open)
Adaptation of the legal access to the market activity and freight transport by road for hire or reward

After July 2013, the new Merchandise Circulation Regime
has defined the rules for moves.
For private home moves, the Property Owner must now issue a Declaration, which can be downloaded from the link below:

Declaration of Moves for Individuals (in Portuguese)
Pursuant to Art. 1 and al. a) of nº 1 of Art. 3 of Decree Law 147/2003, this Declaration does not have to be communicated to the Tax Authority, it is enough to fill it in and deliver it to the driver on the moving day.

For company changes, the Owner of the goods must now also issue a Declaration, which can be downloaded from the link below:

Declaration of Moves for Companies (in Portuguese)

According to al. C) of paragraph 1 of Article 3 of Decree Law 147/2003, this Declaration does not have to be communicated to the Tax Authority, just fill it out and hand it to the driver on the day of the change.

The company must, however, notify the Tax Authority «The assets that circulate due to the change of premises of the taxable person, provided that the fact and the date of its realization are communicated to the directions of the itinerary, with at least eight working days in advance, in which case the carrier shall be accompanied by a copy of such communications.» D) of paragraph 2 of Article 3 of Dec. Law 147/2003.
The aforementioned communications must be made by the owner or holder of the goods, by email, fax or other means, and attached to the document to be issued stating that the goods belong to the fixed assets of the company.

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