We are a removals company

We move individuals and companies, homes and offices, data centers, fragile items, works of art, and all kinds of goods.

cityMover specializes in quick, professional, environmentally friendly removals. Get a free quote online.

Logistics, freight forwarder and mores

We provide a complete service: Warehousing, Freight Forwarding, Document Management, Technology, Logistics and International Removals.

We are also a solidary company, collaborating with various institutions in support of social causes.

Insurance, certifications and permits

In addition to all legal insurance for moving and transporting goods, we can provide extra insurance. We also have:

Discounts on removals

Partnerships &
Discounts for Automóvel Clube de Portugal associates

Are you an ACP member? Get a discount at cityMover! Call us on 214 789 400 (Local fixed network call)

Discounts on removals from / to Quintela & Penalva properties

If you bought a property at Quintela & Penalva, call 214 789 400 (Local fixed network call)

We are trustworthy professionals validated by Deco Proteste

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Sustainable removals

Our mission is to guarantee the removal, transport and logistical handling of our customers items through simple and efficient processes, at competitive prices, respecting the environment.

We use only sustainable boxes and equipment. We rent fully reusable plastic containers for your move. We also ensure the recycling and donation of furniture, files and computer equipment.


The entire file was removed and replaced in the same order, rationalizing space. The deadlines were met as initially established.


Good organization and high professionalism are worth mentioning, given the volume, specificity and complexity of the logistics operation involved.


The entire removal process was conducted in an exemplary manner. The team [...] proved to be aware of its tasks, so there were no incidents.

The customer can choose online:

  • The date of removal
  • All addresses and their accessibilities
  • Items to be transported from each room
  • Insurance, if you so wish, for the most fragile and valuable items
  • Boxes for clothes, books, crockery, etc.
  • Parking permits and police assistance, if necessary.

cityMover's system allows you to plan and implement your move with controlled costs and the safety of professionals.

No! But everything that can be dismantled and prepared beforehand will make the move faster, avoiding additional costs. If you need cityMover to dismantle and reassemble the furniture, please indicate it in the quote request or contact us.

On average, each room consumes between 20 and 30 cityMover cardboard boxes. Each box is 40x40x40cm, which may seem small, but after full it weighs up to 30kg. They are designed to be moved freely by our staff, taking into account HSST (Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work) requirements.

On average, each wardrobe box carries between 6 and 10 hangers, depending on clothing: shirts take up less space than suits or wool coats.

At the start of our online form you can check the available dates. After confirming the removal date and price, you will receive a call from cityMover up to 72 hours before your move.

Warehouse 1 cityMover

Parque Oriente - Armazém B17
Expo Norte
2695-167 Bobadela

Warehouse 2 cityMover

Rua Vasco da Gama, 6A
2685-244 Portela - LRS

Warehouse 3 cityMover

Rua Henry Thillo, 147 - Fração A
Zona Industrial da Maia I, Sector X
4475-249 Maia

Mon-Fri from 09am to 6:30pm

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