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Banco de Bens Doados

The strategy of combating exclusion and discrimination of the Banco de Bens Doados passes through the professional and judicious delivery of assets with social utility to Solidarity Institutions, selected and accompanied by the ENTRAJUDA And located in national territory. These products can be used in institutional practice or sent to beneficiary families. It has a double objective:
  • Of a social nature, by promoting the work of Social Solidarity Institutions, distributing goods and products donated by companies or individuals, in a new state or reusable;
  • Of environmental character, by contributing to the use or correct destruction of goods that are no longer valuable in donor entities and that would otherwise be wasted with the inherent environmental costs.


Raríssimas - National Association of Mental and Rare Disabilities was founded in 2002 with the mission of supporting patients and families living close to rare diseases. Making Raríssimas and rare boys recognized by the scientific community and the general public was, first and foremost, one of the objectives outlined by the association. With its headquarters in Lisbon and delegations in Maia and Pico (Azores), Raríssimas is today an association with high national and international recognition, which continues to strive for the same strategic objectives:
  • Promote dissemination and information on rare diseases;
  • Promote the integrated management of patients with rare diseases;
  • Promote positive differentiation in the diagnosis, referral, treatment and follow-up of patients with rare diseases;
  • Promote knowledge and skills acquisition in the area of rare diseases.

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