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Partnerships and protocols that bring you nothing but advantages! Special conditions in all removals:

Associação Lisbonense de Proprietários

Associação Lisbonense de Proprietários (ALP)

If you are a member of ALP, we have good news! Get in touch and find out our special conditions.

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Millennium BCP

Millennium BCP

If you are a Millennium client, you also have special conditions. Make sure to check your homebanking.

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Quintela & Penalva - Real Estate

Quintela & Penalva

Discounts in removals for homes and offices either purchased or rented, from Quintela & Penalva.

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As part of its environmental policy, cityMover, in partnership with duly certified entities, provides the following services to its clients:

Destruição de documentos

a) Safe destruction of documents, with respect for individual privacy and rights, freedoms and guarantees, as described in the Law on Personal Data Protection - Law No. 67/98 of October 26th - through Reisswolf.

Through this partner cityMover provides:

  • High security containers and storage for placing confidential documents destined for destruction.
  • Logistics support: collection and delivery of containers with short paths and minimum costs.
  • Safe fragmentation of media in small particles about 20x40 mm, plus mixing, grinding and pressing the resulting material, producing secondary materials that are directly recyclable.
  • Issuance of certificate of destruction for each security container shipped.

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b) Recycling of commercial waste (and issuing of E-gar), through Judite Maria.

Through this partner cityMover provides:

  • Glass - Separate collection containers, and final transport to glass producers.
  • Plastic - Packing with compactors or bales and final transport to plastics producers.
  • Metals - Packaging in containers, and final transport to steel industry.
  • Wood - Separate collection containers, and final transport to wood pellets industry.
  • Issuing of official guides in accordance with current environmental legislation.

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